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26 February
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Wherever you are, Whoever you are, whatever you are doing... Good Morning to you, who are reading this, or good afternoon, or good evening. even good night...


Here is Elisabetta, 28 years old, Italian, from the town of Alba- saleswoamn for a living, but foolishly in love with wirting, reading and being a modern artist.



I love Elizabeth George, Kathy Reichs (Crime stories), Michael Chricton (rest in peace), Isabelle Alliende and the Italian writer Valerio Massimo Manfredi (historical novels), Sophie Kinsella and mostly love-stories, such as: Knit 1&2 (K.Jacobs), Love the one you're with (E.Griffin ) and Chasing Harry Winston (by Lauren Weisberger). My darkest secret? I like romance novels! And, sicne they are the size of a trade-paperback, I alwasy have one in my purse ( for when I've some time to waste.
I "like" comics, too- especially Super-Hero comics. (Marvel and DC , moslty)even if right now I'm in an off period again, even if I DO LOVE CORNELL'S works, especially the ones at Marvel's such as CAPTAIN BRITAN AND MI:13- even if he is just plain great with everything that's magic, such as his newest works at DC.


MUSIC I'M LISTENING TO AROUND THIS TIME: "Hands all over" by Maroon 5; "chocabeck" by Zucchero Sugar fornaciari (albums); few songs from katie Perry's last album (Fireworks; teenage draem); random songs.

Speaking of music, I'm a disaster, not because i don't have good tastes, but because I have too many tastes! I like MARRON 5, EVANESCENCE, Italian songwriter Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, The Doors, Queen Anastacia, Foo Fighers, Linkin Park,OneRepubblic,Simple Plan (


TV-SHOWS I'M CURRENTLY FOLLOWING: The Mentalist, Doctor Who (David Tennant era, special care for the C.Tate period) The Closer, CISI:NY, Castle, Fringe, Haven, Warehouse 13, Torchwood (first years), White Collar, Eureka, Sanctuary, Sherlock

PAST SHOWS: Star Trek franchaising, ER, X-files, 11th hour (US), Friends, Judging Amy, Providence, Being Erika, Criminal Minds: suspect behavior, Chicago Hope, JAG.


last movie seen: Mission Impossible, Ghost protocol. Loving everything by comedians Aldo, giovanni and Giacomo;
the lord of the rings thrilogy, and the Danny Ocean's one; all the four Indiana Johns movies, STAR TREK farnchise, Underworld, The Italian Job, Coyote Ugly, Save the last Dance, the legend of the pianist on the ocean by Tornatore, "herbie the love bug" series, 27 dresses , Australia X-MEN movies, Iron Man, Take the lead, MAMMA MIA!, CONSTANTINE...