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Guardians and wars and riders

 Yesterday evening I was looking at my Digital Copy of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy", and while I was looking at Chris Pratt/Peter Quill on screen, it came to mind that he, more or less, is as old as me, and that we are both "children of the '80s".
And that was the spirit of the movie, I think. Not only because of the music (the awsome mix- and when is Gunn going to reveal what was in Awsome mix vol.2, revealed at the end of the movie?), but because it remembered me a lot of movies such as Star Wars (the original trilogy; I think many know how I feel about the prequel trilogy) but the whole feel. And the kind of adventure you saw. Yes, there's this big bad to destroy and stop, but if you look around, you see that it's an adeventure movie, with other things mixed in the between. Just like the Indiana Johns movies. Or Star Wars. 
And, bbtw, DIE HARD MARVEL FANS: how great was to have Howard the Duck appear in the lastest scene? and Cosmo? I'm pretty sure I want marvel to make a children-orientated tv-shows about Cosmo, the dog that in the continuity, was lanched by the Soviets into space in the '60s, just to be mutated by aliens who found him, and gave him language and communication skills through telepathy and an enlarged life-span... 
(also: James Gunn said that Peter's father ISN'T the same father as in the comics, (ergo Peter isn't Prince of Spartax), but that the movie-daddy was present in the movies (and a jerk). My idea? Either Thanos.... or a Celestial.)

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