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Blackdragon 39+ a couple of things...

Issue #39 is finally out, and you can found it here... 

Blackdragon #39: Epilogue of Siege (Origins and omens)
"While on the verge of death after the fall of Asgard, Chris Stark is visited by the ones who held her close. memories are shared, feelings long buried are revealed, new misteries are awakened....."
It's the first double-size issue I worked on (well, actually, it wasn't emant to be a double size issue, but it come out with more than 12.000 words, so...)

and, by the way, I'd like to share with you the lovely commissions that Levi made, based on two stories of the Blackdragonverse I wrote a long time ago- be careful, one contains nudity. now, the majority of us out here are adult, but, you know, just to make sure...

(Britain all over again-feat. Pete Wisdom)

Just a girl (and yes Levi, I simply love Chris' eyelashes as well. if i have to be honest, the first time I draw her, I took inspiration by my brother's ones. they are so wonderfull, they are wasted on a boy...) 

Tags: "marvel", blackdragon, chris stark, levy's art, marvel fanfiction, pete wisdom, siege
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