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Bring me to church

Actually, no one brought me to church- I went on my own. 

When I was a young child, my grandparents — mom's parents — used to come and visit us almost every Sunday, especially during winter season when there was little or nothing to do in the Countryside. Grandpa used to get bored, so he often went to church with me. He didn't like Our Church- San Cassiano and Joseph worker — as it was brand new and extremely modern (even for today's standards), so, untill I got close to my First Communion, we used to go the Temple of St. Paul.

I remember being amazed, every time I walked in- to me, a little child, it looked so big, enormous. I often believed that it had to be as big as St. Peter in Rome, if not more. I swear. 

Then, when it was time for my First Communion, I started to go to my Church, and as he didn't like it... he stopped coming to see us, and I ended up going alone at church every Sunday, at an early hour so that we could later go and visit the grandparents (bringing lunch with us, because by then grandma's depression had worsened and she refused to do more than boiled pasta with nothing and put some bread on the table).

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Title: Dark Shadows on the Bayou
Author: Little_Firestar
Beta-Reader: red_b_rackham
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Word Count: ~ 20.000
Rating: T (to be on the safe side)
Characters & Ships: Christopher LaSalle/Original Female Character; NCIS: New Orleans team.

Genre: Romance; hurt and comfort; crime
Summary: In the sequel to "The Detective's unexpected pregnancy" and "The Broken-Hearted Club", NCIS Agent Christopher LaSalle and his wife, Georgie, are finally where they have always wanted to be- they seem to have it all, with  the perfect family and the jobs they love; but someone with a vengeance against one of them is lurking in the shadows, ready to get back what has been taken away from him… and to paint the bayou in blood red.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Links: Fanfiction.net|AO3 [completed]
Notes: written for the het_bigbang on Archive Of Our Own and on Livejournal. Thanks to
red_b_rackham for beta-reading and editing. Girl, you rock!

In Memory of Andrea

" Bone marrow donation is an important commitment to help save a life.  Understanding the process, recovery and side effects can help you decide  if donating is right for you. "

Spring, 2016 Andrea, a 18 years old kid from my hometown, was diagnosed with Leukemia. His friends, and kids from all over town, started the race to save fin- to find a suitable donor.

In a matter of months, over 2000 people, between the age of 18 and 35, got their blood (or saliva) tested, and enetered the Glabal Registry, but when the chanes are 1 on 100.000, it feels like an empty battle. 

And less than a month ago, Andrea lost the war, at age 19, and many other people — adults and children alike — face the same destiny every day, as less than 3% of who enters the registries happens to be a 100% match with someone.

Like I said — 1 on 100.000

In some country, entering the registry can happen up untill 44 years — other countries put the limit at 35 — so, if you are over 18 years old, and you are healthy (remember to check regulations on sites; just google it!) consider it. The sample for the registry is often a scrub from your mouth (like the dna on the shows, you know?) or a simple blood test: THEY DON'T ACTUALLY TAKE MARROW!

If you can- think about it. 

Still a long way to go...

I've been working on editing my work for this year's Het Little & Big Bang- it's a small bang, a bit more than 20000 words.
I've done... six chapter out of nine. And I'm struggling. For real. of course I'll do mybest to get ti done for reveal date- I would be crazy not to, after all the work me and my beta put into it- but I'm changing so many things... rewriting pieces to fix POW, explain things that in the first (or second, or whatever) draft hand't been expalined too well, changing words to avoid repetitions...
It's tiring, and I can work on it only a couple of days a week, because my home computer just kill my eyes, if I try to keep two word documents in the same screen.
Is there anyone interested in betaing a small bang (around 10k) for hetbigbang? Deadline is august, story is short-ish, and is a NCIS:New Orleans work, featuring an Original character...  which is kind of what it makes it ahrd to find soemone willing to beta-read it. (That, and the fact that when there's someone spelling "Grammar" and "gremmer", and apparently there's a lot of such people on the list of fanfiction.net beta-reader, well, what can I say, I'm not exactly tempted to give them a go...
(if karlamartinova is still interested in beta-ing like last year... I may have lost your e-mail information :) )
Few weeks ago, a costumer of mine called me "fat".
Now, I know I'm not thin; I'm not an idiot. I'm 1.50 and I go between size 44 and 46. There's just no way that I'm thin. Plus, between work- and it's my own business, so I basically spend all my time there- and family and stuff, well, I kind of got lazy, eat not too well and excercised even less. 
When this kind old lady told me so, well, I knew it. but it's one other time having someone so rudely and openly point it out to you (if I were less gracious, or had been less surprised, I would have said soemthing. Probably. Maybe.).
But, well, it kind of... woke me up.
I've lessened the amout of white flour, I eat more vegetables and fruit (even if I already ate a lot), less meat and cheese, smaller portions- and yes, following the advice of my doctor, I'm also using pills to decress the amount of sugar and fats absorbed by my body.
BUT, moslty, I invested in excercise. Not the gym- because when you finish working at 8pm, trust me, the gym is the last place you want to go to. I just bought, thanks Amazon,  a trademill and a stepper 8and started using the things I already have home) and I gave myself a timeline. Each day, at least 20 minutes.
And it's working.

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The other day I saw a post on tublr about how Simon "Wonder Man" explained, in a  mock, Simpson-like video, what a reality-altering event was, and Miles Morales asked him if there was anything to prevent them.
(The Answer? No, obviously).
So, it came to mind the time when, a couple of years ago, in Battle of the Atom, Young Original X-Men Scott Summers got injured deadly (but got better because, obviously, the team happened to just have an Omega Level Healer on the inside. Obviously.), for, like, two panels, and in those two panels Adult Scott Summers ceased to exist (as in, he vanished and for a few panels people didn't understand or remembered he was supposed to be there), just to reapper when Young Scott got better (again, healer.).
That would mean that Young Scott and Adult Scott are one and the same, right?
Spoilers for X-Men BlueCollapse )
So, seriously, a retcon in two months???
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There's poetry in that scene

After a few years- and 3 seasons- Broadchurch just neded.
And, how poethic was it, seeing Miller dressed just like she did in the first episode, with her orange jacket and that same visual, of the cliffs overseeing the sea?
(If I'm wrong, don't break my dream- I'm just overjoyed at the poetry of this image..)

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